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Go abroad without risk, we insure all your travels

A universal offer

Wherever you come from, wherever you go.​​

 All nationalities

 All age groups

 All origins and destinations

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travel insurance mondialcare telemedicine

Your health abroad, our priority

A doctor in your language, 24/7

 A telemedicine consultation in one hour

Diagnosis, prescription, and access to a specialist if necessary.

 Geolocation of the nearest healthcare professional.

A second medical opinion is essential before hospitalisation.

Ensuring your safety

We’ve thought of everything

 COVID-19 coverage

 Assistance and repatriation

 Medical expenses up to the 1st euro

Benefits guaranteed by major insurance companies:

travel insurance mondialcare garanties

We let you do the talking.

Comments on the experience

I would recommend their effeciency and thorough customer service
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Ninchelle Voncken
Good service and friendly platform to manage the contract.
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Tan Photograph
Excellent customer service!! I highly recommend this company!!
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Geeta Gosyne
Excellent services and very friendly customer service
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Bukky Jagila Garba
They are very helpful and informative with all my queries.
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Fritziegay Manuel DSouza
Costumer service is top-notch. Highly recommended.
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Bato Allen Otteh

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