travel insurance mondialcare telemedi a doctor in your language available everywhere and at any time with the telemedi platform

A doctor in your language, available everywhere and at any time with the Telemedi© platform

Telemedicine is included in all our contracts

During your trip, schedule an appointment with a physician within the hour or at your convenience.

Traveling abroad, urgently needing to see a doctor, without knowing the local language is a real source of anxiety.

This is why your Mondialcare contracts inlude a medical tele-consultation service.

travel insurance mondialcare telemedi telemedicine consultation
travel insurance mondialcare telemedi online diagnosis

In your customer area, you will find a coupon that allows you to organize a tele-consultation with a doctor who knows your native language or a language you speak well.

The practitioner will diagnose your medical condition on video, by phone, or by instant messaging and may even, if necessary, send you a prescription to obtain the necessary medication for your recovery. 

The same practitioner will be able to refer you to a specialist or advise you to go to a biology center or a medical imaging center, or in case of emergency to go to the nearest clinic or hospital able to treat you in the best way.  

The telemedicine voucher is automatically renewed so that this service can remain available to you for the duration of your contract.

travel insurance mondialcare telemedi orientation and advice
travel insurance mondialcare telemedi find a doctor

Geolocate the nearest doctor, in addition to Telemedicine

Your customer area allows you to access a worldwide database that will show you all the health services near your location by geolocation.